Immersive Cerebral and Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Training Exercises
i-CORTEX® facilitates the neurological and physical rehabilitation of individuals who have experienced a wide range of traumas ranging from chronic pain management to stroke.

This is how


i-CORTEX® using scientifically proven methods to facilitate neuroplasticity changes to help stroke patients recover.

The solution has been shown to improve dexterity, cognitive ability, and motor functioning and whilst reducing rehabilitation time.


i-CORTEX® is different from both conventional pain relief therapy and other pain relief solutions that use virtual reality.

Other VR applications use techniques to distract the patient from their pain, i-CORTEX® creates sophisticated immersive virtual environments that specifically target problem areas.

i-CORTEX® helps reverse the neuroplastic changes in the brain associated with neuropathic pain.


i-CORTEX® is also effective in treating other types of injuries, including fracture and ligament damage. The treatment has a local stimulating effect over muscle fibers and capillary irrigation, whilst it activates the sensorimotor loop that controls the movement.

This strengthens an immobilized area, increases the range of movement and reduces rehabilitation time.

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